Good Intentions

What happened since my last blog post? I had plans to write two or three times a week and didn’t even make two or three times total, didn’t even make once.

There are three reasons:

First – life got busy, school got into full swing, all my clubs started up, I kept saying yes to everything (I’m working on that, think future blog post), and time just flies by and I feel like I haven’t achieved a whole lot, but also like I haven’t had a day to myself in ages.

Second – deep rooted in me is a perfectionist who doesn’t like starting things until everything is just right, in other words I was going to write a post but didn’t have exactly the right area to work in and wouldn’t it be better if my room was spotless before I got creative – fast forward four months and life still isn’t perfect, but I’m learning to live in it (maybe another future blog post).

Third – I became an auntie and babies can be very distracting.

But this is the year, amongst the busyness of life God is speaking and I want to investigate and focus and dream and explore, and this feels like a safe place to do that. Even if nobody else reads it, I’m excited for the journey. 2016 is going to be a good year!