Hillsong International Leadership College

Two years ago today God planted a dream in my heart of attending Hillsong International Leadership CollegeĀ  in Australia, next year that dream will become a reality.

Here’s the story so far:

I always knew that a secular uni/college wasn’t for me, and I always dreamed of attending bible college, but I didn’t feel smart enough or brave enough, and I also couldn’t find one that seemed like the right fit for me.

Then two years ago today I was at Colour Conference in London and attended a session on their leadership college. I went and chatted to a college rep who told me all about the pastoral leadership stream and the kids work at Hillsong Church, it just sounded amazing! I was immediately excited and yet also thought ‘leadership college, me, yeah right, like that would ever happen!’

At a similar time me and mum started attending the Bridge Church, where I started helping out in the children’s work department, I love it! then just before last summer I was asked to take over as children’s leader, wait me a leader?

As I’ve previously blogged after saying yes the nerves kicked in and yet the call on my life seemed to be getting stronger. Then after a leadership seminar at Soul Survivor I prayed ‘God if its what you want me to do, give me opportunities and I promise to say yes! Next thing you know I’m saying yes to speaking at our church ladies event, I’m saying yes to being vice president of our local sunday school union – and as I say yes, yes, yes, I start feeling braver, start feeling like I can do it, start believing I can be a leader, I am a leader!

Two months ago after lots of prayer and talking to my pastor and other trusted Christians in my life everything seemed to be coming together and pointing towards Hillsong College, so I applied!

During the application process I kept being drawn to Psalm 37:4-5 ‘Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him’. Whilst waiting to hear from the college I was getting nervous, and dare I say a little impatient. Then one night as I was re-reading Psalm 37 (for the first time in the NLT) verse 7 suddenly stood out to me for the first time. ‘Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act’ – WOW! So that night I asked God to forgive my impatience, I committed to waiting patiently and put all my trust in Him, and that if he wanted me to get in I would be happy, but that if it wasn’t his plan please would he guide me to what he wanted me to do and I would say yes. That night I slept really peacefully, until 4am when I awoke to an email ding into my inbox – ‘congratulations we would like to offer you a place’ – thank-you God, you are amazing!

So there we go, what was planted as a dream in my heart two years ago today, is going to be a reality next January – how CRAZY AMAZING! 265 days to go!

I plan to blog more over the next 265 days about my journey to College, prayer requests and fun facts about Australia (though I am refusing to think about the spiders), and then of course I hope to continue my blog whilst out in Australia to keep you up to date with what’s going on, IĀ believe it is going to be epic and as Brian Houston would say ‘the best is yet to come’