Defining a New Normal

The start of this month marked the end of the summer holidays, a restart of our everyday routine, back to work, back to school – a return to normal.

Life – it’s made up of ‘normal every days’ – we eat, work, talk, play if we have time, relax, sleep …wake up and repeat….

I like a little normal, I like a little bit of familiar, and dare I say I like a little routine, but every day? – no, I need a little bit of excitement, a little change, a little adventure.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, or should I say underwhelmed, at a normal every day. One of those days where nothing stands out, when asked what you’ve done there’s no highlight, sometimes not even a lowlight, just a typical, normal day.

Sometimes I lay in bed and ask myself ‘what have I done today?’, ‘have I achieved anything today?’, ‘what has excited me today?’ Anything? And honestly I’m not impressed, in fact I’m a little bored.

The dictionary definition of normal is – conforming to standard, the usual, typical or expected state or condition.

Usual, typical, standard, expected – to me it sounds a little boring? Repetitive? Un-exciting even?

But our normal every days don’t have to be boring. We just have to make a decision –

Have we defined our normal correctly?

As Christians we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus, and when Jesus walked he defined a new normal.

A normal day in Jesus’ life was full of adventure – as he walked a normal day Jesus said yes to distractions, he welcomed interruptions, he listened to his father and lived every day according to his fathers will. Jesus kept his purpose at the centre of his every day life. Jesus’ days were full of highlights, miracles, messages, stand out moments, history making moments. He lived a life full of every days worth writing about, a life full of days not only he could remember but other people remembered, that’s how we have the bible.

Is our current normal how we want to be defined? Are we living our days how we want to be remembered?

I want to live a life full of days I can remember, and as a bonus it would be amazing to have some days that other people remember. I want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus every day.

Maybe its time to ask ourselves some new questions as we end a normal day – am I living the normal life I want to be living? am I keeping Jesus as the focus of my every days? Did I follow Jesus today? Did I listen for the spirits prompting? Was I willing to alter my course for Jesus today? Did I keep him centre?

And as we keep Jesus centre lets look out for the excitement, the unexpected, the new normal to change our every days.

Lets make a new definition of normal – exciting, adventurous, unexpected, extraordinary, fun, surprising, amazing, disciple.