Five months

I have been in Australia FIVE months today, I can’t believe it! I am sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I planned, honestly I don’t know where the time has gone. Last week all my assignments were completed for this semester, I have one more week of classes, then we have three weeks of conference season (two weeks of prep and then one week at Hillsong Conference) and then first semester is finished. And as today is a public holiday for the Queens Birthday, and I am recovering from a horrible cold (sympathy needed here), I am committing to posting something today.

So much has happened and I want to tell you all so much but putting how i’m feeling into words has proved challenging, I’ve started writing at least 6 posts over the last two months and none of them sounded right. I easily write an introduction, a quick update of where I’m at and then … I get stuck. So ….

[Sorry it happened again, cup of tea break – side note: did you know it gets really cold in Australia and it rains, I mean heavy downpours of rain (more sympathy needed here) 🙂 sorry now focus]

Here goes … so in all honesty over the last two months I have been questioning whether or not I was getting much out of college, whether I actually needed to stay for the second semester of first year, never mind second year – I know crazy right – I mean this is HILLSONG AUSTRALIA – I couldn’t have dreamed of being in a better place to put aside time to grow in my relationship with God, learn more about the bible, and unravel some of the calling he’s placed on my life – It truly is a fantastic church, college and community and i’m loving it and feel so blessed to get to spend a season here ….

But I didn’t feel as settled, as at home, as some of my classmates seemed to be feeling, and I couldn’t see as clearly what purpose God had for bringing me here, whereas I could easily see why others had been bought here. However I think I let the size of the church overwhelm me a little, I felt like a small fish in a big pond, no make that a tiny fish in the ocean – a tiny fish who was trying to fight the waves to move away from the shore and grow into a bigger fish, but I felt like every time I made progress a wave came and carried me back again.

But then I found my school of fish – my housemates, my connect group sisters and my core tutorial – they’ve helped me re-focus, they’ve helped me remind me what I CAN do and encouraged me to step out and be brave, they’ve hugged me, laughed with me and kept me afloat. They are some of the most amazing, beautiful, encouraging, strong, inspiring people I could wish to be on this journey with. So it may have taken me nearly half of my first year (and possibly half of my time here) to settle and get swimming in the right direction, but I honestly feel like I am on track now, and the swim is invigorating.

[OK end of fish metaphor – swam a little bit off course there]

So this is where it gets challenging, this post was supposed to cover everything that has happened to me in the last three months but its actually taken me all day (with multiple distractions) to write this much, and as I start this post by saying I’ve been in Australia five months TODAY, I can’t really put off posting it until tomorrow, but I want to tell you all everything, its just so hard, I wish I could FaceTime all of you and chat for an hour, hear all about whats happening with you ….

So a really super speedy account of the last five months – Hillsong church is massive and amazing, college and classes have been incredible, I love the Old Testament, I passed my public speaking class, have seen Sydney, experienced Vivid, climbed the giant stairway in the blue mountains (all 911 steps), stood in the ocean, seen a killer spider, met loads of amazing people from all over the world, started to dream God sized dreams, discovered so much more about myself …..

Theres just so much, obviously this post isn’t going to cover it. So I’m going to post more, I promise. I want to sit down with a cup of tea and share my heart with you regularly, theres just so much I want to share with you, so i’m adding it to my schedule (after my personal leadership development plan I LOVE my calendar app, and if its in there I have to do it, so you will be hearing from me). Feel free to post any questions on here or on Facebook, would love to include what you actually want to know in my blog posts. Love you and miss you all, speak soon xxx



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